Saturday, 21 November 2015

Finished Object: Bon Bon Mittens

Pattern: Bon Bon Mittens by tincanknits
Yarns:  Maddison Furbetto / Purl Soho Line Weight
Colours: Orange, Beige, Heirloom White
Needle: 3.25/4/4.5mm Round Needle
Start of project: November 14th , 2015
End of project: November 20th, 2015

On Ravelry

I can't seem to start another big project (for example the cardigan that I wanted to knit for the summer knit along, starting in August and have had the yarn for since probably June ;-) but I've been good using up leftovers. I knit the Foxy Hat last December and had a lot of orange and about half a ball of beige still in my stash afterwards. Orange is a colour I rarely wear and the yarn wasn't anything special. Nevertheless it seemed enough for a pair of mittens.

 I decided to give the BonBon Mittens from TinCanKnits a try, since I already had the pattern. For the cuff I used someof the beige yarn and then I changed to orange. They were very quickly done, including the thumb which I knit with beige again. I felt like knitting really warm mittens, so I added a lining mitten (I copied that from the Snowfling Mitts). I didn't line the thumbs, they seemed too small and frankly I was just too lazy to do it. They are a bit stiffer with the extra layer but really warm and toasty.

I had a lot of fun knitting these mittens and I might knit another pair sometimes soon.


  1. I love the way these mittens turned out. So lovely.

  2. What fun and cute mittens! Lovely colors! And your photos are always so inspiring!

    1. Thank you Alina. I am not so sure about the orange but a good friend of Mine leider kes it, so she might wear them in the end. Taking photos is one of the positive side effects of knitting ☺️

  3. beautiful mitts and I love the way you lined them. My friend was just over and she lined her mitts and I've never done that and feel like I should give it a whirl. Her mittens which were stranded and lined were w a r m.

    1. I'm wearing my other lined mitts every day on my bike and the lining makes a big difference. They are so soft inside and they are so much warmer.