Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Finished Object: Bounce

Pattern: Bounce by Tin Can Knits 
Yarn: TCK Heirloom Rainbow 
Colour: Sunshine and Storm
Needles: 4.5mm Round Needles
Start of project: May 16th, 2016
End of project: June 20th, 2016

On Ravelry
When I saw this blanket the first time I knew I was a goner. I had to have these amazing colours and I really wanted to knit this blanket. I wasn't disappointed at all when I got the yarn, the colours are beautiful and the yarn is so very soft.
In the beginning I didn't want to rush through the blanket because I wanted to savour every colour. Then I got into a slow rhytmn, knitting a few colours every week while alternating with my crochet blanket and while starting a new pair of socks (the blanket got too big to take along to school or to our school camp) I did work on the blanket during a few Knit'n'Sips and a couple of Stitching at Starbucks with the Zurich Stitching Group.

The pattern is really quite easy, there is a twelve stitch repeat that takes eight rows and in between there are a few rows of garter stitch. Nevertheless it was important to keep track of the stitches and it wasn't easy to undo mistakes, which had me frog back a few rows more than once, because it was easier to go back to the last white stripe instead of knitting backworks.
I am very happy with how my blanket turned out and also with the size of it. I cast on 201 stitches instead of the 141 stitches in the pattern. Now my blanket has more width than length, but I am glad I knit as much as possible. There was usually between one and three grams left of each colour, so I might have been able to squeeze out one more pattern repeat, but it would have been very tight. I am not sure yet who this blanket will go to. Actually I am pretty sure that I'll keep it for the sofa and for myself.

There is still a lot of the natural yarn left and there are 21 bits of the different colours. I want to use them all for one single project, maybe a hat with stripes or some gloves, we will see. For the moment I am just glad that I managed to finish at least one project during June.


  1. Wow what a lovely blanket. It turned out great! You are one dedicated knitter. : )

    1. I just love knitting beautiful stuff ;-)

  2. Just fabulous! The colors are so perfect and the pattern looks like a great combination of mindless zen-knitting and interesting stitch pattern!