Monday, 1 May 2017

Los Angeles

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote anything. The weeks in between our ski holidays and our spring holidays went by in a blur. I was always slightly stressed and I never finished any knitting project so there was nothing to write about.

But then the time for our Californian roadtrip had finally arrived and on Black Friday we left Zürich really early in the morning. We took a taxi to the airport because there was no public transport yet but I also realised that it's so much easier to just get there in a cab, so I might do that much more often...

Anyway after a stop over in London we arrived in sunny Los Angeles in the afternoon of the 14th of April. I had been quite nervous about getting our car and driving through the city, but I needn't have worried so much. Even though our car wasn't ready when we got to the car rental, we got one after about half an hour; a lovely blue Nissan Rogue which I really got to like on the following 1296 miles. The navigon worked right away and Anke (the navigon voice ;-) was a great help getting us where we wanted to be. Traffic was intense and being on the freeway with very little sleep was quite intense, nevertheless we got to our hotel on Cahuenga Boulevard close to Universal City safely.

On Saturday we were up early so we were at the entrance to the Universal Studios around 8am which was an excellent time. No lines, lovely temperatures and we had time to look around without being pushed around.

Yannick and Antonia had fun on the rides and in the shops, especially in the Harry Potter part and even I was courageous enough to try everything. We stayed for about 5 hours, then we had enough. By then a lot more people had arrived and it was getting really crowded.

After a nap at the hotel we decided to go to Venice Beach. It took us quite a while to get there, but we saw a lot of Los Angeles. It seemed so unreal to be on the beach and right next to the Pacific and it was totally worth driving for more than an hour. We stayed a couple of hours watching people and wandering around before we headed back to the hotel.



  1. I also went to Universal Studios, loved the Harry Potter part and tried out pretty much all of the rides. I feel so much braver now :) I never made it to the beach in LA, though. But I had plenty of beach in San Francisco (where we biked to the same spot under the bridge as you did ;)) and Hawaii. Love to see what else you've been up to! Oh and I also like Bath & Body Works!
    I'm sad that I don't meet you any more after I left ZH, but it's nice that you are active on your blog. <3

    1. well, active is relative, I haven't been writing a lot. At least I picked up my paper journal again, I am trying to write daily for at least 100 days in a row and so far (I started at the beginning of April) it's going ok. So how have you been?

    2. You are way more active than I am at leat *g*.
      I'm fine so far. It doesn't look as if I can make it to ZH on a tuesday, though. But I've marked the knitting retreat in my calendar. If you ever come to Geneve or close by I would be happy to catch up with you.

    3. Geneva is definitely too far for a simple Knit'n'sip but the knitting retreat should be worth it. I actually need to check the date, I really want to go again, I had so much fun last year.