Monday, 5 June 2017


I am finally ready to post the photos of our last stop. They have been ready for a few days but life has been busy and maybe I just wanted to keep up the illusion that this whole holiday isn't slowly slipping away in the past already for a little while longer.

When I planned the whole road trip I knew that I wanted to end it in a place next to the Pacific, not in a busy city like San Francisco. Pacifica sounded perfect, close to San Francisco, to the airport and right next to the waves once more.

We left the Golden Gate Bridge and drove along the coast. It was so beautiful that I would have stopped every five minutes but Yannick and Antonia got a bit bored of getting out of the car yet again so we only stopped twice on the Lands End Trail. The first time we could still see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, the second time it was only the wide open ocean at Point Lobos.

In Pacifica the weather was beautiful, but it was so windy and almost too cold to be outside. Luckily the hotel pool was in a nicely sheltered spot, so that's where we went to knit and to chill.

In the evening the light got more and more beautiful and I got really antsy to go out to explore. Fortunately Antonia was easy to convince to go sunset hunting. We tried to walk to the north at first but when we got stuck very quickly we turned around and walked to the south. Our little hike was amazing, just the right distance. beautiful scenery bathed in golden light everywhere and it was great to spend this time with Antonia. In the end we had to almost run down the hill through bushes and high grass, hoping that all the snakes had already gone to sleep because the light was fading fast and we wanted to catch the sun at the beach before it disappeared for the day.

We ended the days with an awesome dinner at Nick's right next to our hotel. The whole day was perfect, it was probably my favourite of the trip even though we didn't do anything extra special.

On our last day we drove south to Half Moon Bay. At first we went yarn shopping and sight seeing. Then we headed to the beach for a little while. Again it was so very windy that it was just too cold to stay for long but I wanted to soak it up as much as possible.

In the evening we walked to the Bowling Alley just across the street (which was definitely a stupid idea, you shouldn't cross a freeway on foot and then walk the rest even if it's only 5 minutes away, it was just too dangerous to walk). We were pretty bad at bowling but nevertheless we had a lot of fun.

Our last day in the USA started much the same way as many before -  with beautiful weather. So I dressed quickly and went for  a fast morning walk before breakfast. This time I found a path to the north. It included some steep hiking and a close encounter with another snake but it was so worth the sweat ;-)

Our plane left in the late afternoon and about a day later we were safely back home. All in all it was an amazing trip and I miss the sound and the smell of the Pacific so much. Travelling with two teenager who are constantly at each other's throats wasn't always fun but I hope that we will look back to this trip and remember the good times we also had.


  1. Road trip along Pacific is so on my bucket list :) Thank you for sharing beautiful images!

    1. I so want to go back and just drive along the coast all the way to Canada.