Sunday, 7 January 2018

New Year's Yoga Retreat in Feldis

I spent the last three days in Feldis in the mountains with lots of yoga, snow, sunshine, some knitting and lovely ladies.

It was my second time at the Sternahaus. Since last February they remodeled part of the house and added a new part with a great yoga room. I especially loved the big windows in it that made me feel so close to the mountains. It was beautiful to see the sky get darker in the evening and in the morning to feel it getting lighter slowly while we were meditating.

The yoga was great, I love spending time with Katharina. She has so many interesting thougths and perfectly fitting quotes and her yoga always feels new and fresh. I can feel my muscles a bit after all these practices but in a nice way. Fortunately I won't have to wait too long till I can do more yoga with Katharina. In April I will get to spend a whole week with her in Formentera. I even met my roomie already, she was also in Feldis.

Yesterday there was enough time for a lovely hike at Mutta, a little further up than Feldis. There was a lot of snow and also ice up there since it had been raining into the fresh snow intensly and then it had all frozen together.

I am pretty sure that this won't have been my last time up there ;-)

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