Sunday, 25 February 2018

Snowshoe hike in Amden

After all I did get a little bit of winter magic right before the winter holidays are over. Yesterday I went to the mountains together with my brother, his girlfriend and my dad.

We started out in foggy and cold Zürich but once we got closer to the alps, we could see bits of blue peeking through the grey. The further up we got, the better the view was and once we had reached our starting point in Arvenbühl above Amden we were out in the most glorious sunshine and deep blue sky. Fortunatly it didn't take long to rent a pair of snowshoes and then we were ready to go.

The path started easy enough but after only a few minutes we'd reached a little brook that we crossed and from there on it was only uphill. Like really steep uphill and of course I made my usual mistake: I started too fast which made my lungs burn. Luckily we weren't in any kind of a rush so we just dialed down the tempo and it got a bit easier. Taking lots of photos helped because of the many baby stops.

After about 1.5 hours we reached the highest part of our hike which was also the most beautiful. Stunning views in two directions, deep soft snow everywhere and the trees all covered with cristalized ice. It didn't even feel very cold because of all the heat we'd generated while walking up.

We took more photos and then we slowly made our way back down again. In the end we were hiking for about 3.5 hours including lots of breaks and we all felt our legs and arms in the best way possible.

To regain a bit of strength we went for prune pie and coffee Arvenbühl (coffee spiked with spirit and whipped cream). The whole excursion took only a few hours but it was such an amazing day to spend outside with my family.

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