Saturday, 10 October 2015

Two nights in London

Before we could go on holiday everything got super stressy. I was already really tired after the first 7 weeks at school. With new students it usually takes time to get everything working and by then everyone is so tired that it doesn't run smoothly anymore. Once the fall holidays are over it's going to get easier, because they know how everything works and they are fitter after two weeks of relaxing.

So on Friday 2nd of October I was so glad to have reached the holidays and I was looking forward to  a few days in London and Brighton. Unfortunately that Friday evening I found out that Yannick's cat was severly hurt and as nobody else could take it to the hospital I ended up going with it and of course we had to wait for a long time. It was quite unclear how they would proceed and with Andreas and Antonia gone and us leaving two days later it was quite a mess, which totally stressed me out, so much so that I could barely concentrate and pack.

We left anyway and arrived in London on Monday around noon. We found our way through London and to the Youth Hostel but there I realised that I might be too old for YHA after all, our room was  so tiny and smelly and in the basement without any natural light that I felt really lost. The fog and drizzle didn't help.

Yannick was a big help, he was excited and he did everything to cheer me up. Nevertheless I decided right away that I didn't want to spend three nights at the YHA and I changed our booking in Brighton, so we could spend more time next to the sea.

I should actually have known that London was too busy for me, it's one of the things I keep forgetting (kind of weird, once we arrived I remembered that I had been slightly overwhelmed every time I'd been there before ;-)

We did a bit of sightseeing, went to the Harry Potter Film Studios (which we both really liked) and went shopping (which made Yannick really happy, he hasn't taken of his new jacket at all) So the first two days were ok and the best was yet to come...

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