Sunday, 6 March 2016

Skiholidays in Tschiertschen again

It's already been a week since we came back from Tschiertschen where we spent our skiing holidays for the third time in a row. As usual we stayed at Hotel Gürgaletsch. It was fun seeing all the regulars again and as always it was just lovely. The food was amazing this year, the new cook made such interesting dishes with lots of salad and veggies and the desserts were sooo good.

The weather was interesting. We had snow a few times, rain during the first night (which ate up most of what had fallen down in the hours before), there was sunshine and blue sky, fog and wind, pretty much everything. I really liked the diversity of it even though nothing beats blue sky and fresh powder. On the bright days we went skiing all day long and on the other days it was still beautiful enough to be outside for a few hikes or to go sledging.

I went back to the stones on Jochalp which is one of my favourite places ever, it feels totally magical, especially when everything is covered in snow and there are just no sounds apart from the wind.

Sadly we had to leave again too soon, but we will be back next year. Because "our" week was already booked out we only have to wait 51 weeks which is a little comfort because we won't be able to go with our favourite family next year.


  1. The scenery is just magical! Your trips are always so inspiring!

    1. I am just happy that I get to post other stuff than just my knitting every once in a while ;-) Also taking fotos of beautiful nature is at least as cool as of yarn...