Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hiking in Elm

I went hiking today with one of my oldest friends. I met Annette in gymnasium, when we were both 14 years old and we have been friends ever since. We were really close while going to school for 4.5 years, then we spent a lot of weekends together and travelled all over Europe. After school we met occasionally until I started working at the same school and we'd see each other twice every week again. I only stayed at that school for about half a year and then we didn't see each other that much anymore, but we always knew what we were up to thanks to facebook and the occasional email or even letter (we used to write soo many letters to each other when we were teenagers ;-). We started hanging out again last winter and now we go dancing or as you can see hiking. I am really proud that we are still friends after all this time.

We took the postauto from Elm to Obererbs and then walked back on the Höhenweg. It's an easy hike with a great view, perfect to talk, take pictures and just enjoy the mountains.

We didn't feel like walking down (it was quite hot and muggy today) nor did we want to talk a cable car to the bottom of the valley, especially because there was a much more interesting way to get back down. It was fast (kind of, we braked a lot) and lots of fun ;-)


  1. I am dazzled by your trip photos! I read all of your Bergen posts and though I am pretty tired from my own travelling, it was a crazy month, I am inspired to explore the world around me more. Hiking with a dear friend in the mountains sounds absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing and for inspiration!

    1. Travelling is always an intense pleasure that takes a lot of attention. But I've never regretted going, even if it has been stressful. Hiking in Switzerland is quite easy, it's never that far to go to the mountains.