Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A year in knitting - year 3

It's been three years now since this passion of mine started. I wrote about my first year and about my second year, but let's talk about my third one now.

During the last 12 months I knit 15059 metres and I finished 33 projects. Again this is less than last year but I am far from losing momentum. Recently I have often needed a quiet evening in my bed instead of staying up on the sofa but I still love knitting. I kind of started teaching how to knit to a few people as well; one was a failure, the second one is still going strong and we've been knitting together on each others sofa on many Sundays and my last try was during our winter holidays when one of the little girls really wanted to learn and got into it surprisingly fast. Look at her cute little wrist warmers - she just sent me the picture today...

I also went to my first stitching retreat last April where I met so many cool and friendly knitters. I often see them on Tuesdays at our local knit'n'sip, so knitting is no longer a solitary thing for me.


4. Playdate; 3. Airflow; 2. Boden: 1. Clarke

My favourite top is probably my Silversmith Hoodie because it turned out just the way I hoped it would. It's really great to wear when it's too warm for a coat but chilly enough for something long and cozy. I also like wearing my Airflow which is an excellent top over a T-shirt in the summer and my stripey Clarke goes well with everything. I am a bit at a loss with my Boden, it looks great, it's a beautiful pattern but it's not very practical to wear unless you keep completely still. Again I knit a few baby or toddler tops; I just can't resist to play around with these beautiful patterns.


My sock drawer got fuller again and I've been wearing them a lot. I had to retire a few of my first socks because I am not that good at mending yet. I love my Wanderers because they are perfect for toasty feet on my sofa, I am very happy that Antonia is happy with her Tardis Socks and I think the colours of the Gryffindor Socks are just so cool. 


Apparently one can have enough hats, at least for the moment. I've been wearing my Sliver from last year almost constantly, so I didn't really need new hats for myself. I love knitting hats for other though and I am quite taken with how the Snare turned out and I had fun learning something new while improvising with the Brioche Cable Cap. 


Only one pair of mittens for myself, but I love my Spates, they are perfect for chilly but not icy weather. Other than that I've been wearing my own Heart Mittens a lot, they still look really nice. The Poppy Hearts went to Vancouver and the Fiddle Heads are hopefully warming my aunt's hands. I plan to knit a pair of real five finger gloves with a fair isle pattern but so far they only exist in my mind and in the yarn that's waiting in my stash.

Shawls and Cowls

A warm shawl for me to wrap into and my first attempt at Brioche for Antonia. I was so happy that she wore it all week while skiing. 

Other Stuff

I continued my Memory Blanket but it's far from being done. I tried to learn to crochet with a CAL, I gave in to temptation and bought a Bounce kit, I knit an iPhone cover for a friend and I totally love knitting toys, especially monkey and clothes for toys with left overs. 

So here's to year #4 and many more projects ;-)


  1. I loved seeing all your projects in one spot and thank you for getting me to start knitting - your instagram account totally inspired me to try and learn. I'm making just scarves right now to master the basic stitches and casting on and off and switching yarn. But I'm excited to try a hat soon I think. And your hoodie cardigan is my favourite too! Too bad we can't sit and knit and have coffee together. (PS thank you for my mittens! I've worn them all winter!)

    1. So cool that you are knitting as well now. You live in such a great area with lots of my favourite knitters. Well this is definitely another valid reason to come back to Vancouver, so we can hang out and knit together.

  2. Look at all your projects! I love the idea of taking a look back at the last year and see what you have been making. So many tops! -Sierra

    1. I obviously love looking back, it makes me feel accomplished and tidy ;-)

  3. 33 projects - very impressing! You are such an inspiring knitter!