Sunday, 5 March 2017

Looking back: 4th of March

Lots of snow on the 4th of March, even though it feels like the beginning of spring in my mind...

In 2006 it started to snow heavily in the evening. By the next day, almost a metre of snow had fallen, very unusual for Zürich, especially so late in winter.

In 2007 we drove to Einsiedeln. There we visited the monastery and my selfie of the day looks quite holy as well.

In 2008 Silvia and I met Steffen and a friend of his in Lucerne. While we were exploring the city, it started to snow.

 In 2010 Antonia was very concentrated.

In 2012 I felt inspired by a night out at 80s forever and the Cure.

In 2017 I spent the weekend in Feldis at a yoga retreat together with Sivia. At first we had a spring like temperatures and then all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of a a snow storm.

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