Wednesday, 10 May 2017


From Santa Barbara we followed the Freeway 101 and it was interesting to see how far it would be to our final destination - San Francisco. Fortunately it was still a long way off and there was lots to discover. Before we got to our hotel, we stopped at this cute little town: Avila Beach (one of many excellent tipps we got from a couple from Los Osos that we met at Twentynine Palms) and hung out at the beach. The colourful houses were so pretty and we each chose one to live in forever.

We arrived in Cayucos in the afternoon where we stopped at the Shoreline Inn at the Beach for three nights. Staying there was kind of a coincidence. I read this article about driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles and they mentioned Cayucos as a nice play to stop and then I googled for a place to stay and fell in love with this hotel right next to the beach and the pier. I had no real idea what to expect, but my gut feeling was very good again, it was totally the right decision.

We didn't even have to leave our room to watch the sunset. I am glad that we watched the sun disappear behind the pier and then hills every single evening we were there and I am sure I'd never get tired of watching it if only I could.

The next day we drove a few miles to the Monta├▒a de Oro State Park. We hiked along the coast for a while. It was really windy and cooler than we expected but it was so beautiful. After our hike we found a warmer spot at the beach at Schooner's Cove were we all caught too much sun, we looked quite a bit like lobsters by the time we got back.

We had smoked salmon tacos at Rudell's Smokehouse in the evening. Everybody told us to go there and it was totally worth it ;-)

Yannick and Antonia had enough and needed a bit of Netflix time but I just couldn't stay inside in this beautiful place. So I took the car again and drove back to Morro Strand State Beach. I just walked and walked and took so many photos. When the sun had almost set I drove back, just in time for the sunset.

We started our second day at the Kayak Shack at Morro Bay. We did a tour with a few other tourists and a guide. It was our first time kayaking, so I was glad that we got a good introduction. It wasn't all that difficult to get the kayak to go where we wanted, especially in the single. The double was a bit trickier, I only realised that on the way back when I shared with Antonia. We were able to get really close to a big and very loud group of harbour seals and then we paddled to the the sand dune on the other side of the bay. It was a bit of work but we saw so many interesting things that the effort didn't matter at all.

We took a break at the hotel in the afternoon but I couldn't stay inside for very long, I was just too curious. So I got back into the car and drove a bit further north to the Harmony Headlands State Park. I almost missed the entrance because it was so hidden but by the second time I passed it, I found it. I hiked for about 1.5 miles through green hills that kind of reminded me of the highlands of Scotland before I got to the edge of the pacific. I only met very few people and most of the time I felt like the last person on earth. I met a few rabbits, lots of birds and then I almost stepped on a snake which was rather shocking. I had never before seen a snake in the wilderness and there it was, stretched all over the path I was supposed to walk back to my car. I did the only reasonable thing I could think of, I took a picture of it. I imagined that whoever would find me all dead would at least know how I'd died ;-). The snake was far less impressed with me and only stayed on the path for a moment before it dissappeared into the grass. I met one of his family a little later but that one seemed more scared of me because it turned around very quickly.

So Cayucos was definitely one of my favourite stops on this roadtrip and I would love to go back there sometimes.

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