Sunday, 6 August 2017

Büsum and the Wadden Sea

After our first day in Hamburg, we left for the North Sea and drove for about 125 kilometers to Büsum where we stayed in the newly opened Küstenperle Beachhotel and Spa for the next 6 days. The hotel is right next to the dyke and from our room you could even see the sea (if it was there, because when it was low tide, there is only a lot of sand but no water).

One of the best things of this part of the North Sea (in my opinion) are the beach chairs. You can rent them for the day or even for the week and they just look so inviting. On our first evening there was heavy thunderstorm with lots of flashes right outside our hotel and we were able to capture a few of them by using the beach chairs as a tripod.

Because the land is very flat and there is always wind next to the sea there are many wind generators everywhere. It was fun to drive close by, they look quite impressive and I think they look almost as if they belong there.

On Friday we drove further north to Sankt-Peter Ording where we found quite a different landscape.  There is a very wide beach even at low tide and there are beautiful dunes and again beach chairs ;-). I don't really know what I prefered, the quietness of Büsum or the wide emptiness of Sankt-Peter Ording - probably both of them and together they were perfect...

It was so relaxing to just hang out, play a bit of volleyball, explore in the receding water and knit a bit on my Maeve shurg. We also took lots of photos for my SPO shawl but these will only be online once the pattern is published (which should be very soon ;-).

Walking home from the center of Büsum back to our hotel through the Wadden Sea was definitely a favourite part of these days for me. It's so lovely to just take off the shoes and walk where there was water everywhere just a few hours ago.

We also did a bike tour along the dyke and got really wet when it started to rain heavily. Fortunately we were close to a restaurant and got to take a break inside. Thanks to the intense wind on the way back we were almost dry again by the time we were in Büsum again. We met a lot of sheep along the way and they didn't seem bothered by the weather or by us at all.

In the evening the sun was out again and I managed to convince Yannick to take a few photos of the two of us. I am really happy that we did...

The next day we wanted to do a Kite Buggy trial lesson but because of the heavy rain the beach was inundated and they had to cancel our lesson. Instead we drove to Husum and had a walk and coffee and cake along the harbour before we headed back to Sankt-Peter Ording for another bit of beach time. We could see how wet the sand still was, too bad it hadn't dried earlier because I think this would have been a lot of fun.

On our last day we did a boat tour along the coast. It wasn't terribly exciting, but really really relaxing and we had a lot of time to talk and just enjoy the sea breeze. Kind of like the whole week, a really good week to reconnect and spend a lot of time together.


  1. Oh, wow - this lightning photo is amazing! How great that you managed to capture it!

    1. There were so many flashes in such a short time that it wasn't all that hard to capture one or two. It was amazing to be in the middle of it and fortunately it only looked really close so it wasn't dangerous.

  2. What a beautiful area. I really admire how you make travel a priority.

    1. I love it, I love discovering new places and people and I wished I could do it even more often.