Sunday, 9 November 2014

Currently knitting: Foliage Hat

Pattern: Foliage Hat by Irina Dmitrieva
Yarn: Lang Yarns, Merino 120 Colour superwash  #011
Colour: #011 (grey - yellow)
Needles: 3.5 mm DPS and 4mm round needle
Start of project: November 4, 2014

On Ravelry

I had this pattern for a while and I planned to knit it with some green yarn. But then all the leaves turned to different colours and I thought the yarn I used for my mitts and my round shawl might make this hat look like a tree in November.

It's a cool pattern to knit, not very difficult to remember but it it needs a little concentration - just right. I started with 112 stitches but that seemed far too small so I frogged it and cast on 126 stitches which looks like a much better fit.

I am not really in a hurry with this one, I knit a little bit every day inbetween my little socks (there are only ten left to knit). Everything is really busy for me at the moment so this is my slow time just for myself.

Totally unrelated to my knitting is this picture. Isn't it the most splendid tree you could imagine? It's more or less on my way to work, I only need to take a little detour to see it ;-)


  1. I still love this yarn colour.
    We used to have a tree like that almost in front of our house. I miss during fall!

  2. yep, I love it too, obviously ;-)

  3. What a wonderful combination of colours and textures!

  4. Oh that will be such a beautiful hat!

    1. I got into the groove yesterday and finished it. Funny how sometimes it takes forever to get really started and then it moves all by itself. So it's actually finished and I only need to take some pictures of it now