Monday, 1 June 2015

31 days of Yoga Balance

I wasn't quite as successful in May as I was in April. After a good start I got lazy and didn't feel like pushing myself. I moved almost every day but I often chose the easy programmes over the more strenous ones and I totally failed at my chosen pose, because I never got over 3 minutes of boat pose (and that hurt like hell)

But it's important to look at what I have done:

I went to Osteopathie once.
I did one day of the Tigh Hips Programme (before the Tone Up started)
I did all or part of the Tone Up Yoga programme 18 times.
I did gentle Yoga or Meditation or a mix of both 5 times
I went to Kieser Training 4 times.
I did Carla's workout at school twice.
I went hiking once.
I went swimming 5 times. So far I've only swum a little bit because the water hasn't warmed up enough but I hope that will change now.

There is no new challenge at YBC for June so I'll do the March Balance Programme instead. I hope I can get back into a rhythmn again. I will concentrate on Tree Pose. At the moment I can get into the pose but I don't think I can stay there for more than maybe 30 seconds. I am supposed to do 3 minutes for the start, we'll see how that goes ;-)


  1. Love your challenge! From my experience the longer you stick to it, the more your body is craving for it and at some point you can't even imagine skipping exercise time! I am also coming back on track after on and off training. Keep going!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope it will stick, at least I started ok.

  2. I need to get back into yoga. I've maintained my walking daily practice but the yoga, my that one has slipped. I love your list and your goals!! I'm inspired :)

    1. Writing about goals always helps me to keep them up. I am glad that I found this yoga programme, because it offers so many different ideas for every day. I am glad to have inspired you.