Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

I just woke up on this very first day of 2017. It's still all dark and foggy outside but my washing maschine (the real one) is running and somehow my mind is turning just as fast.

First of all, let me all wish us a happy and healthy new year. I got the meme below from Facebook and I think it looks like a great motto.

Somehow I've been awake for longer than I wanted. I never sleep really well after drinking too much alcohol and we had a bottle of lovely wine and champagne last night. Then Yannick was walking around trying to unblock his nose all the time and I am not used to his vibes yet after having shared a flat with Antonia for more than 8 months.

But I am also aware that this unrest I feel comes from the really not very important decision I need to take now: Which 30 day Yoga Challenge should I start - the Beginner or the Intermediate one.

I know I am somewhere in between and I know that I want to deepen my yoga practice, but even though I am very tempted to try the more intense one after having done a few intermediate classesin the last few days, my neck muscles tell me (because of these intermediate classes that I enjoyed but which were still rather challenging) not to be stupid and start with the slower classes and do the intermediate later in the year. There is my answer, all I have to do is accept it and stop fretting about it. Sorry for the rambling.

Happy New Year and I wish for clarity and calmness ;-)

ETA: During the first practice I realised that the beginner's challenge is indeed better for me, because it needs patience and stillness and acceptance and that seems almost more difficult than just more strength and flexibility. So that's that ūü§ď 


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family, Corinne.
    Clarity and calmness...great resolutions for a new year.

    1. Dear Andi, I wish you all the best for 2017, thanks for stopping by.