Monday, 2 January 2017

Looking back: 2nd of January

Some of you might remember that I did a Looking Back Series (this was the first entry I wrote) when I started this blog in 2014. I did 12 posts for 12 months and then I stopped. Now I feel like starting again and because it's the 2nd of January, all the following photos were taken on the same day over the years:

In 2004 Antonia and Yannick were small enough to be carried together and there was snow ;-)

In 2007 we had United Colours of Luxemburgerli

In 2008 I had the flu (that's not the reason for the colours but I think I was too sick to take a better selfie)

In 2009 I wasn't totally convinced of the new year yet...

In 2010 I went on a really icy walk with Tobi at the Albis.

In 2011 I drank this and survived. I think it must have been a flickr meetup or something...

 In 2012 there was a beautiful sunrise and we made M&M muffins. 

In 2013 I took a selfie on the sofa and then I went on another new year's walk with Tobi.

In 2014 we went to see Evelyne in Affoltern am Albis.

In 2015 I had finished the first one of my Tintagel Mittens. 

Last year in 2016 I was knitting my Ravine and Annette joined me on the sofa. 

And today in 2017 I walked through Puls 5 and then I had coffee with Silvia at Sphères.

It seems that the second day of the year is an excellent day to take photos and that I often do pretty much the same on that day ;-)

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