Monday, 2 February 2015

Currently knitting: I heart cardigan

Pattern: I heart Cardigan by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Art Green Label
Colour: Sand
Needles: 4.5mm and 5mm round needles
Start of project: January 31, 2015

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This is the second time I'm knitting this cardigan. The first time was last April and I was still very much a beginner, it was actually my first real big project. So it's not very surprising that it didn't turn out that well (thought it's not that bad either). Whenever I wore my cardigan I dreamed of knitting it again with a better fit. I'd also been dreaming about using Tanis' own dyed yarn for ages. It came to a point where it just felt right. I was happy to see that the shipping cost
wasn't much more than when I order yarn from Switzerland and it only took a couple of days to arrive.

I did a little gauge swatch at the beginning. I found out two things - the yarn is wonderful to knit with, warm and squishy and my stitches were right for once. I decided to cast on for a size 34 which might be quite fitted but that's what I want.

Apart from having to knit the ribbing twice (there is a mistake in the pattern right in the first row, which I forgot to note last time) progress has been steady. It's not a pattern for watching TV, at least not for me. The cables aren't terribly complicated but they need concentration. So instead I've been listening to podcast, right now I am enjoying the latest PomPom podcast with Lydia and Sophie. They are so cute.

There's one part in the pattern that I didn't like so much last time and I am trying to figure out how to change it. The cardigan is very wide in the shoulders and I am totally not which makes it look like I am wearing shoulder pads. I definitely want to change that but I am not sure how yet. Right now I tend towards decreasing more stitches on the side of the arm opening but I don't know if that means that I'll have to adapt the arms as well. There's still a lot of the back to knit before I'll reach that part but if you have any ideas or links, please tell me!

I'll link this to Auf den Nadeln im Februar, maybe they can help...


  1. Wow, that pattern looks beautiful! And I cannot see any mistakes anywhere. :) Gorgeous!
    All the best,

    1. thank you! I really love this pattern and I can't wait to see it done in grey.

  2. Wow! Die Jacke sieht wirklich irre aus! Wird bestimmt schwierig, die Schulterpartie anzupassen - aber Herausforderungen spornen ja an :). Liebe Grüße, Marisa

    1. Im Moment komme ich grad nicht so vorwärts, darum habe ich noch etwas Zeit für die zündende Idee an den Schultern...

  3. It's a beautiful pattern and I love the color of your yarn, neutral and soothing. I hate when i forget to mark where a mistake is in the pattern and then do it again!!

  4. It's a really small mistake but one that matters. She mixed up the first two rows, so the ribbing doesn't match the cable pattern. Either I had to use the wrong side as the right side or I had to go back to the beginning (which is what I did).