Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ski holidays in Tschiertschen

Last week we were in Tschiertschen in the Swiss Mountains. It was our third time there, second time in the winter. Like last September, we stayed at Hotel Gürgaletsch, which is probably my favourite hotel ever.

Hotel Gürgaletsch on the right
The hotel has beautiful views all over the mountains but the real reason why I love it, is that it just feels so right to be there. The food is great, the hosts are lovely and in the evenings it's a melange of kids running around playing and adults knitting, puzzling, playing cards and talking. It doesn't feel like a hotel but rather a very friendly place to be (and no, nobody payed me to write this ;-)

early morning view from my bed
 This year we were very lucky with the weather, there was so much sunshine and the temperatures weren't too cold. There wasn't too much snow, away from the prepared slopes there was no powder and sometimes it was rather icy in the afternoon, but it was enough and all that white and blue made more than up for it. My kids had a lot of fun skiing too, it was much easier this year, because they aren't basic beginners anymore.

Gürgaletsch, 2441m
I had a few rides down Gürgaletsch that felt like flying and the best moment was walking up all the way to the top of the mountain and seeing a chamois mother and its kid.

I enjoyed being with other adults - that's one thing I often miss while on holidays - and being outside all day after a long rather grey winter in Zürich felt great. It was hard to leave today, but then school starts again on Monday and next week is supposed to be grey with snow anyway.

(If you feel like seeing a few more photos from these holidays, you can switch to my flickr account...)
the clouds are coming - it's time to go home


  1. Great pictures and a nice story! Liebe Grüssen, tobias

    1. I will miss my morning shows! It was so great to wake up with that light.