Monday, 6 April 2015

Looking back: 4th of April

Ups, I just realised that I missed the 4th of April. But I guess, better late than never ;-)

2009 was the first spring in our new flat at the top of the building. With all the leaves still gone the wedding ballon that had got stuck on the tree right in front of our balcony was visible, but it was too high up to reach.

On the same day I had a photoshooting with Beat. It was a great experience to see him take photos even though it felt slightly weird not to take selfies.

In 2010 I had coffee with Claudi at Henrici's. My first iPhone was all new and I took a lot of Hipstamatics, which I still do ;-)

The second photo of the same year is from our living room. Antonia was still so small then...

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