Friday, 1 May 2015

30 Days of Yoga Tone up

I wrote about strengthening my back in the beginning of April. Now the month is over and I am really pleased with myself. Every day in April I did some kind of exercise. I set my goal at a minimum of 15 minutes per day but most of the days I did more than that.

I went to Osteopathie once.
I did classical physio exercices twice.
I did Release the Neck with David Procyshyn once.
I did all or part of the Tight Hips Yoga programme 21 times (yay!!!)
I went to Kieser Training 8 times.
I went dancing once (and yes, that's an intense workout ;-)
I did Carla's workout at school twice.

Also I started cycling more, usually I mostly cycle to school and back and that's only about 1km per way but now I try to cycle to Kieser as well which is about 8 km.

In the beginning I was sore quite a lot. Of course I had to push myself, otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge, would it. After a while I got more sensible and I started to relax a little bit. So I didn't make myself do everything in the Yoga programme and I allowed to stop whenever I felt in pain. That helped a lot. I am pretty sure I am more flexible now than in the beginning of April, my back feels ok (we'll see what my next visit to Osteopathie will tell), my neck is less tense and if it is tense it loosens up during the day.

For May, there will be a new challenge on YBC, a 30 days Yoga Tone Up Programme. Perfect for me because I just bought a new bikini and the pool will open on the 9th. I already picked my pose to work on, I will do modifided boat pose (you can see my first try on the photo, freshly out of bed ;-) I think I can more or less manage that, but I can't hold it for very long at all.


  1. Sounds like a great month!
    I think I'll join this challenge! I'm so new to yoga though, I'll just stick with warrior 1 for my challenge :)

    1. yeah, you should try. I enjoyed my first month.