Monday, 25 May 2015

Finished Objects: Mini Pookies

Pattern: Mini Pookies by Barbara Prime
Yarn: different fingering weight leftovers
Colours: red, green and blue
Needles: 2.5 mm DPS
Start of project: May 11, 2015
End of project: May 25, 2015

On Ravelry

Before starting something longer again, I wanted to finish my family of mini pookies. I knit the little fox (red body) for myself a couple of weeks ago, then I knit a little sheep (green body) for Yannick last week and today I knit the polar bear (blue body) for Antonia. I think all of them are cute but my favourite is probably the little bear.

What I learnt from knitting them:
  • even though having to sew them together in the end, knitting flat is worth it
  • smaller eyes are better, the eyes of the fox are too big and too prominent
  • red eyes do look spooky (they weren't my choice ;-)
  • embroidering the faces is tricky, every milimeter counts
  • the ears are the most important feature, they make them look so much better.


  1. they are adorable! I hear you on the eye size- I know have a stash of different colours and sizes (thanks to Ebay, where I can get them the cheapest), and it helps a lot. and you're so right- ears totally up the cute factor!

    1. thank you Julie! I am so happy that you introduced me to Barbara Prime's pattern. I think I'll want to knit a little toy for every baby garment I knit. That makes such a perfect present together. Which means I'll have to choose another one soon because I am knitting a sproutlette dress right now ;-)

  2. oh they are adorable and cute and tiny!! I would knit them flat as well. You are talented :)

    1. thank you! they come in an excellent pattern, so I just follow along ;-)

  3. cute are these!!