Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Finished object: Atlas

Pattern: Atlas by Jared Flood
Yarn: Purl Soho Line Weight
Colours: Oyster Gray, Cardamon Green, Heirloom White and Peacock Blue
Needles: 2.75, 3.75 and 4mm Round Needles
Start of project: August 16th , 2015
End of project: September 12th, 2015

On Ravelry

This sweater was supposed to be my second sweater for this year's summer sweater knitalong. I still haven't started the first sweater on my list up to today (but I have the yarn all ready) because of two babies: I first knit Playdate for the KAL and then another baby was born and I knit a Peanut. When I was finally ready for the sweaters on my actual list, I decided to knit this one first, because my boy is growing and the biggest size is only a 10 and I got slightly panicky. Once I measured him I realised that size 10 should be a good fit and I was ready to go.

I didn't order the proper yarn meant for this sweater - Brooklyn Tweed LOFT. Somehow I was scared that it would break all the time and that it would be too scratchy. (I definitely want to try some Brooklyn Tweed soon, no more shying away from it now). Instead I searched for a similar yarn and found the Purl Soho Line Weight. I really liked the colours (aren't those names the best) and once it arrived I knew that scratchiness definitely wasn't going to be a problem, because this yarn is soo soft. I wasn't sure how well it would hold up because it felt as fragile as spider's webs but somehow it looked ok even though the ends got really felty while hanging around.

The body took a long time and then instead of getting to an interesting part I had to knit two sleeves. More stockinette that went on forever. I decided to learn a new technique and knit both of them at the same time (definitely worth repeating). Finally I got to put everything together and then I could start the colour work. It was slow but I enjoyed knitting it. It was my first time with three colours in the same row and even while the yarn got tangled up in places it wasn't too hard to do.

Before the weekend in Tschiertschen all that was left was the collar, a lot of loose ends and the holes between the arms and the body. I got it all done by Saturday and therefore got to take a few pictures while still in the mountains.

I wasn't totally sure that it would fit Yannick. Today he tried it on and it looked ok. I blocked the arms and the body slightly longer so it will fit him through the next growth spurt which might happen any day. I am really pleased with how this turned out and I am quite envious of the beautiful yoke -  I can see a fair isle sweater for myself not too far away ;-)


  1. What a fantastic result! I hadn't considered using Line Weight before but I sure will now.

    I'm thinking about knitting myself a stranded yoke of some kind this autumn too - so many beautiful ones out there inspiring me - your son's here now among them.

    1. Line Weight is wonderfully soft and cuddly. It does felt quite a bit so I am curious to see how the sweater will look with a bit of wear. I found knitting with three colours and with a fuzzy yarn a bit of a challenge sometimes.

  2. It is an absolutely stunning FO! These colors are so perfect together! And it fits your son perfectly!

    1. thank you Alina! As usual the blocking helped a lot. It was slightly short in the sleeves and the body but with blocking it should be long enough for the coming winter, unless he really starts growing like mad.

  3. This is just a perfect bit of knitting. Your colorwork looked smooth and beautiful before blocking, even. I can see why you'd get bored knitting the plain body and sleeves, but the impact of that yoke totally makes up for it. And he's adorable in it!

    1. thank you Michelle. The yarn was kind of fiddly for the straight parts but it worked really well with the colourwork. Somehow the fuzzyness didn't stop it from looking smooth at all. Also I think all the colourwork I've been doing recently has helped me a lot with the tension. Most of the time I get quite an even result, which is good, because the sweater I actually wanted to knit for myself is also with colourwork ;-)