Tuesday, 5 January 2016

31 days of New You Yoga Programme - my first Crow Pose

Oh my god, I can't believe what just happened. I am soo excited ;-)

I started this new yoga programme by Candace "31 days of New You Yoga Programme" on the first of January. For once there were no hints of what pose to choose for the monthly pose, it could be anything. I decided to be totally bold and tackle one of the poses I was never able to even get close to (even though it's supposed to be a beginner's pose...), the Crow Pose.

ready to try
On my first day I was hopeless, I just had no idea how to even start. So I googled and found this fantastic, really slow explanation of how to do Bakasana for Beginners and it made so much sense. Neil Keleher explained with much detail how you don't have to do anything else but lean forward on your arms until it just lifts you off the ground. No trying to jump up into the pose nor any trying to lift one leg and then the other (which also never worked for me). Just lean forward until you are being lifted by your own weight.

fully concentrated but still on the ground
It didn't work on the first day nor on the second day, but I could feel that this was going in a very different direction (and in the right one) than any other tries I'd done before. Yesterday my neck muscles and my arms were sore and tight and it was rest day so I didn't even try. I wasn't sure if I'd be ready for another try but did it anyway after about 20 minutes of feelgood yoga. And it just worked. At first try just a little bit, then again for about half a second ;-) and then maybe for a whole second.

in the air!!! with a big smile and a red head
I was so excited that I asked Antonia if she could try to take a few pictures even though it was almost dark outside which makes for crappy light indoors and though I felt quite tired. She took photos and the first time I was actually able to stay up for about 5 seconds and I could have stayed maybe a tiny bit longer and the second time I got up quite high and it felt so good.

ready for the second try
What an unexpectedly fast success and now I have all the rest of the month to practice daily and to improve my posture.



  1. Ahhh! Congrats!!! I know this feeling - when I first got into Crow Pose I was so excited that I immediately fell down :) Looking forward to following you on this journey!!!

    1. It was so unexpected. I had hoped to get there within the month but didn't really have a lot of faith in myself and then it just worked. I just did my daily yoga and today I found it more difficult again. I got off the ground, but for almost no time at all. I think I might still be tired from yesterday ;-)

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment! Bravo to you for persevering and figuring our the best approach to meet you goal that worked for you. Awesome!

    1. Thank you Andi. I found it hard to repeat the pose but I think today it worked again. I'll keep practicing all January.