Sunday, 24 January 2016

Finished Object: Sliver

Pattern: Sliver by Jen Geigley
Yarn: Malabrigo Rasta
Colour: Pearl Ten
Needles: 10mm round needles
Start of project: January 24th, 2016
End of project: January 24th, 2016

On Ravelry

I saw this hat a while ago and fell in love instantly. The simple pattern with a little twist looked just like the thing I needed to have. I thought about knitting it with Quarry but then that yarn took a while to arrive (it would have been too thin anyway...) so I decided to find another yarn.

I saw that there were a couple of projects that had used Malabrigo Rasta (looking up yarn ideas is totally my favourite feature on Ravelry, because it shows you all the different yarns other people used and you can also read their thoughts about it) and I decided to go with that.

Yesterday my new yarn arrived in our letter box. Luckily I had just finished the body of my Ravine is the New Oranje and had to wait for it to dry, so I could cast on right away. I needed to knit the XL, my head is pretty big and my gauge was a bit off but now I am really happy with the way it fits. Yannick modelled it for me as well and I think it looks cool even though he never wears hats because they ruin his hair ;-)

This hat is such a fast knit, it only took me a couple of hours and then it was ready to be worn. I really love the little sliver that appeared after I dropped a stitches all the way down. And I am glad that winter isn't over too soon because even though I have lots of hats I always seem to see another one that I'd love to cast on ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! I love how fast and simple it was and it's still not boring at all.

  2. Love how chunky it is! Gorgeous yarn and your impeccable knitting go so well together!