Sunday, 15 May 2016

Cyprus - Villa Diamond

view from the garden

Between the end of April and the beginning of May we spent a week in Cyprus. We flew to Paphos in the west and then picked up our car and drove to Chlorakas, which is just next to Paphos. We stayed in one of the many holiday villas there, ours was called Diamond Villa #5.

view from the street with our rental car

This villa was just what we had hoped for, a great house on three floors, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a comfy living room, a kitchen with some great welcome food in the fridge, balconies everywhere, in a quiet neighbourhood just a few minutes on foot to the sea and best of all the lovely garden with the pool. We spent most of our first days on the deckchairs, just enjoying the sun and the water. 

view from my balcony
The kids had a lot of fun - they swam, dived and snorkeled and once they even jumped into the pool with all their clothes on, because that's what you have to do when you have your own pool.

I spent my time getting on with my crochet cal and my knitting for the tttkal16 and I read and had lots and lots of coffee and tea.

We also took our traditional family photo next to the pool and in the grass. As usual there were both "serious" ones and fun ones where everybody pulled a face. I think this one is my favourite at the moment.

In the mornings I loved waking up to the eastern sun that came into my bedroom, going down to the pool still in my PJs and having the first cup of tea all by myself.

We also did a bit of driving around the island and sightseeing but that will have to wait for a second blog entry.


  1. What a beautiful getaway place! Thank you so much for sharing these sunlit photos!

    1. I can totally recommend it, we loved everything about that house.