Monday, 30 January 2017

30 Days yoga challenge

23 hours 7 minutes and 22 seconds, that's how much yoga I did during the last 30 days thanks to the 30-Day Yoga Challenge from doyogawith me. What a great experience.

I started using this yoga site because of my friend Silvia, way back in November 2011. Then my back started to act up and I wasn't really strong enough for most excercises and neither did I have any idea what I was doing. I visited the site on and off, then I had to do intense physio training to get better over more than a year and I mostly forgot about yoga. I occasionally came back and I followed other yoga sites but not very regularly.

I really came back to yoga when I signed up for my first yoga retreat in Portugal. By the time I came back I was seriously hooked and I think I've done some yoga most of the days and very often I used Do Yoga With me. I also started to go to a local yoga class once a week on Wednesday (I did so in January as well, so sometimes I actually did yoga twice a day). But having this amazing site has been so helpful because they offer so many good yoga classes.

When I saw that there was going to be a 30days challenge starting in January, I knew I'd join. At first I wasn't sure whether to go with the beginner or the intermediate level. After a lot of thinking I decided to go with the slower version and I am glad I did. In the beginning it was a good challenge to keep still, to appreciate what I have and to learn more about relaxing. At the same time I did improve, I got more flexible and probably also a little stronger. Furthermore I can build up on what I have now,

I will try to continue now with the 14day intermediate challenge, but do the classes over more than just two weeks, alternating with grounding hatha classes.

It was sometimes intense to make room for these lessons every day. Some of them are only short but a few are more than an hour and I don't have a lot of time each day. I was lucky to start during my holidays, but once school started I had to be creative. I did all my Friday yoga classes in my actual classroom, by moving away my desk and setting up the projector. The first time this felt a bit weird but now I think I might keep doing it because it was really great to wind down like this before teaching again in the afternoon.

So this got into quite a long text which probably shows you how much this meant to me ;-)

Because I liked this blog entry about doing monthly mini resolutions over a whole year,  for my February mini challenge I'll try to work on my photos, first of all I want to do my next photo book which should have been done about a year ago and then if there is time left, I'll continue to tidy up and tag the photos that aren't done yet in my iPhoto.

And just in case Do Yoga With Me decide to delete the challenge I wrote down all the classes here...

Day 1 Hatha Yoga for Grounding (49:03)
Day 2 Yoga for Stress Relief (29:12)
Day 3 Hatha for Self Care II (50:34)
Day 4 A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck (49:43)
Day 5 Settling into Relaxation (26:50)
Day 6 Yin/Yang Yoga for the Shoulders and Upper Back (42:00)
Day 7 Spinal Care for Beginners (61:53)
Day 8 Release the Neck (16:08)
Day 9 Flow Yoga to Energize (47:14)
Day 10 Hatha Yoga for the Heart Chakra (20:00)
Day 11 Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back (47:32)
Day 12 Bend and Stretch (34:50)
Day 13 Yoga for Inner Strength (42:13)
Day 14 Align, Stabilize and Stretch (53:32)
Day 15 Love Yourself (32:42)
Day 16 Bedtime Yin Yoga (42:03)
Day 17 Yoga for the Feet (26:25)
Day 18 Breath, Balance and Twists (57:01)
Day 19 Yin Yoga for the Lower Back (36:30)
Day 20 Deepening Relaxation (48:57)
Day 21 Core Strength and Stretch (54:50)
Day 22 Yin Yoga for the Shoulders (34:09)
Day 23 Yoga for Sciata Relief (41:50)
Day 24 Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow (17:39)
Day 25 Kundalini for Beginners (78:39)
Day 26 A Yin Practice (28:27)
Day 27 Challenging Beginner Hatha Yoga (33:13)
Day 28 Kundalini Yoga for the Root Chakra (29:41)
Day 29 Yoga for Inner Acceptance (34:38)
Day 30 Hatha Yoga for Better Sleep (39:54)


  1. Wow! Sounds like you learn a lot! I'll need to share this site with my sister, thanks for sharing! -Sierra

    1. There are a lot of great videos for everyone but especially for beginners.