Saturday, 7 January 2017

Finished Object: Fiddlehead Mittens

Pattern: Fiddlehead Mittens by Adrian Bizilia
Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo and Purl Soho Line Weight
Colour: English Rose, Natural, Cardamon Green
Needles: 3.25mm Round Needles
Start of project: December 10th, 2016
End of project: January 4th, 2017

On Ravelry

My first project of 2017 is finished. These mittens were in the pipeline for a long time. I wanted to knit them for my godmother (my aunt) ever since she lost her husband last June. I am not very good at writing something appropriate or soothing and I don't really get the putting flower on a grave thing. Acutally I kind of do, but it didn't feel right at the moment. Instead I wanted to knit her something that would keep her hands warm.

Sommer went by and fall arrived and I had found a pattern and the perfect yarn and colours for it. Somehow I missed the deadline I had set for myself, the end of November (my uncle's birthday). I finally cast them on at the beginning of December and then my grandmother's health started to deteriorate and she had to go to hospital. So I had the mittens in my bag whenever I went to visit her, which somehow connected them to her. This will be the last project she was part of, even though she didn't actually get to see them.

My grandmother passed away and christmas arrived and I didn't really feel like knitting at all. But then once the festivities and the funeral was over I picked up these mittens again and finally I made some progress.

I really love the pattern and I think the pink and the natural go together very well. I added lining mittens in my favourite colour and now they are done. They are rather on the small side so I hope my guess that my aunt's hands are shorter than mine is correct, because I want her to be able to wear them in these cold temperatures. I think I'll try to meet her soon for a coffee, definitely before it's her birthday at the end of January...