Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spring photo walk

Today, I was quite scared because it seemed that my camera was broken. Last time I took some photos with it, it made this really weird sound for a few seconds. Then it worked again without problems. But when I wanted to turn it on today it stayed dark. I tried to find out what the problem was but at first I had no clue. It didn't work with my other lense either, so I guessed the shutter (if that's what it's called ;-) didn't open anymore. I was ready to give up and go to the photo shop tomorrow and already saw a new body in the near future when I tried one last thing. I took off the lense again and pressed the release. All of a sudden the shutter opened and when I reattached the lense I was able to use my camera again. You can imagine how happy that made me.

I was so glad we got to go outside and take a few spring photos with Antonia who still likes to come with me on little walks like that. Most of the trees have turned green already but there were still some pink blooms left.