Monday, 17 October 2016

Yoga Retreat in Portugal

I spent last week in Portugal (and I am pretty sad it's over already!!!). The kids were away at Fall Camp and I knew I had a whole week for myself so instead of staying at home and not doing much, I decided to go somewhere I'd never been before and do something I hadn't done either.

I flew to Lisbon where I picked up my superfancy car. It was so technically advanced that it felt more like driving a computer than a real car and in the beginning I had no idea how to use it. I just about found out how the automatic gears worked but all the other stuff eluded me. Nevertheless I made it safely to my destination: Prana Casa Yoga Retreat in Vale da Telha on the Algarve.

I met my teacher Eve and two of my three fellow students as well as a group of soon to be yoga teachers and their teacher Dr. Venky who where doing a yoga teacher training course.

We had yoga outside on the deck in the mornings and in the evenings most days, we did a yoga meditation walk, a yoga nidra class and a yoga beach session with photos on our last evening. I really enjoyed the calm Hatha Yoga we did, it wasn't too hard even for a beginner like me.

During the days we had a lot of time for ourselves. I spent a bit of time in the garden of Prana Casa but most of the time I took the car and went exploring the amazing beaches close by. I took tons of photos that I only just started to go through (I'll post those in a separate post).

On the whole this whole trip was just perfect for me, I feel so relaxed after this holidays and I hope I'll be able to keep doing yoga at home (the first two days were good, I did an online Hatha class both days ;-)


  1. A yoga week on the beach sounds just amazing. Your Instagram posts haven't been making me jealous at all, nope, not at ALL. *nose grows several inches*

    1. It was my first yoga retreat but I am pretty sure it won't be my last one. It felt so good to be very far away from everything (mostly my work).