Thursday, 20 October 2016

Praia de Monte Clérigo and Praia da Amoreira

Praia de Monte Clérigo is the second closest beach to Prana Casa. The first time I went there it was close to midnight. I didn't understand how my car worked, especially the lights, so I decided to take it for a little drive. The other yoga students thought I was a bit crazy but I had to get over my fear of the car and I knew the roads would be empty at that time of night. It was eerie to drive through an unknown territory but I got to the beach safely (I didn't actually see it because it was so dark but I heard it) and I came back with a much better feeling about my car.

Next time we went there, was before Corine and I went on our hike along the Rota Vicentina. Before and after the hike we had coffee with Kat who had to stay at the beach after having hurt her leg surfing.

On our last day in Portugal we came back to the beach for another hike, this time towards the other side. As soon as we were on the cliffs, we met lots of cliff fishermen. Fishing there seems so peaceful, there is quite a bit of noise from the waves and it's windy but there is nothing else to do than to look out at the sea. We were actually very fortunate because a school of dolphins swam by just as we were standing there, we could observe them for quite a while.

We walked on until we got the the beginning of Praia da Armoreira. At low tide you can wade through the river to get on the beach on the other side, but when we were there, the water was quite high. We climbed down the bank of the river and then we decided to be brave and go swimming. It was icy at first but after a few minutes everything felt numb, so we didn't feel the coldness of the water anymore. It felt good to be out again on the warm rocks afterwards but I am very glad we did it.

After our hike and a delicious meal with fish soup and mussels we strolled back to Praia de Monte Clérigo and relaxed before our final beach yoga session with Eve.

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