Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Finished Object: Foxy Hat

Pattern: Foxy and Wolfie from Ekaterina Blanchard
Yarn: Maddison Furbetto
Colours: orange and beige
Needles: 4mm and 4.5mm DPS
Start of project: December 22, 2014
End of project: December 23, 2014

On Ravelry

For the first time since I took up knitting again in February I've been in a rut. I just didn't feel like doing anything, I guess I am a typical case of empty batteries. I'm still knitting a scarf that has been on the needle for more than a month, but I could only manage a few lines each day.

Then on the 20th we celebrated an early christmas with my cousins and all my uncles and one aunt (she was the only girl to six boys). When I saw my little nephew and his fox trousers I knew he had to have a Foxy Hat. I'd seen it a couple of times in different blogs, most recently on ela-strickt. I thought it was very cute, but my kids are too grown up for an animal hat, so I forgot about it again - until I saw Andrin.

I really enjoyed knitting this hat. It was challenging enough because there were four new techniques I had to learn -  the twisted German cast on, knitting intarsia, short row shadow wraps and the three needle bind off. They were all very well explained and I managed fine. I am very happy with how it turned out!


  1. so cute and adorable :) Love the fox!!

    1. yeah, I am kind of sad that I am too old for a hat like this ;-)