Monday, 29 December 2014

Winter has arrived

It took a long time this year for the first snow to fall in Zürich. But two days ago it started with a wet and ugly mixture of snow and rain. Then yesterday it got colder and the snow stayed and turned everything white and calm.

In the city cars had to drive slowly or not at all and most bicycles were too covered up to ride.

The mood was rather melancholic, there weren't a lot of colours nor was there much light because of the fog. People tried not to stay outside for too long and were glad to be inside again.

In the afternoon we visited my parents. After lunch we decided to go outside for a bit of much needed fresh air. In the wood the snow was quite deep already. There were a lot of people walking or running, we even met Helen who braved the snow while running uphill. It was the perfect weather to wear handknit woolen things, three hats, one pair of mitts and my Sundottir sweater were all put to good use.


  1. It looks all looks so beautiful! That is what I call a Winter wonderland. You girls look so pretty in your hats!

    1. We don't often have that much snow down here. Most of the time it either melts quickly or it's a wet mess. So we have to enjoy it!

  2. that last photo is beautiful! I am without snow, but I'm glad I visited and can look at all the snow you have :)