Saturday, 13 December 2014

Looking back: 12th of December

Wow, I totally forgot to post this yesterday! It's such an intense time right now...
Don't be surprised that I am in most of these photos - 12th of December is kind of my day ;-)

The oldest photo I found was from 2002:

Weird to see this. It was taken the year before I had my kids (they were actually inside me but I didn't know yet) That's my brother and his girlfriend on the sofa - that still happened then. Funnily enough I slept with that sheep for the last two days (there's a hot bottle inside it) because my feet were always cold.

The next photo is from 2006:

This Crumpler bag was my first camera bag. My Nikon still lives in there but I don't carry it around it that often anymore. Then it was my constant compagnion, I took it with me wherever I went and took so many photos.

I was all wrapped up in 2007:

  A selfie I took for my 36th birthday ;-)

In the evening we went out and had these amazing moules et frites. I love that kind of food and wished I could have some right now. Sadly that restaurant doesn't exist anymore.

A few festive pictures from 2008:

We had our yearly schoolball on the 12th of December. I think the theme must have been elegant or Prom. I took lots of photos of dressed up students. I wonder what they are all doing today.


Just me in a corner with some decoration.

Just me ;-) 

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