Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wooden fantasies

My dad has been working with wood for years. He picks up interesting pieces of wood when he goes hiking or sometimes he buys special wood to work with.

A lot of his figures are animals or mythical creatures, sometimes they are gentle like fairytales but they can also be rather threatening. He had wanted to put them in a photo book for a long time but I knew how long it would take to do it and never seemed to have the time.

He asked me again after Christmas if I could photograph all the pieces and organize them in a nice way. Because while my dad is really good with a burin, a hammer or a chisel, modern technology is not his forte at all, so he needed someone for that part.

We took photos over two Saturdays in January which left me with close to 1000 pictures to process. Then we worked on the photo book all day yesterday and after another few hours today we were able to send it off to be printed. In two weeks he should finally have a beautiful book of about 130 pages filled with all his creations.



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    1. Thank you! I think they are quite special, very much alive, but then he's my dad...