Thursday, 18 September 2014

Currently knitting: Round Shawl

Pattern: Round shawl by Lang Yarns, Fatto a Mano #211, pattern 6
Yarn: Lang Yarns, Merino 120 Colour Superwash #011
Needles: 4mm Circulars
Start of the project: September 14, 2014

I got the Fatto a Mano magazine as a present when I ordered wool from Strickcafé in August, though I am not sure if it really was a present, because it was like giving a free sample to an addict ;-)

I liked a few patterns in the magazine but right from the start I knew that I wanted to knit this round shawl. I love the three different parts in it - there's a cable section, a striped-ladder section and a section that looks a bit like a honey comb. And I totally love the colour gradient of the yarn, from an intense, almost golden yellow to a dark grey that is close to green.

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