Friday, 26 September 2014

Finished Object: Lace and Cable Wrist Warmers

Pattern: Cable and Lace Wrist Warmers by Lisa Vienneau
Yarn: 1 skein (and a bit of left over) of Lang Yarns, Merino 120 Colour superwash  #011
Needles: 3.5 mm Double Point
Start of project: September 24, 2014
End of project: September 26, 2014
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I knit this same pattern a while ago as a present and ever since I knew I wanted a pair of wrist warmers for myself. When I planned my round shawl I already thought that the same yarn might be good for this project, so I ordered an extra skein.

Before I was able to start, I had to figure out the colours. The yarn is a gradient yarn which goes from yellow to a very dark grey and back to yellow again. I wanted the yellow for the top of the wrist warmers, so I had to start in the middle of the skein. The only way to find that was to wind the yarn into two parts, always 40 wrappings around each ball from both sides. I ended up with two slightly different sized balls, it seems that the middle wasn't exactly in the middle. But I started with the two balls of yarn anyway.

This time I wanted to knit 6 rows of ribbing instead of 4, because I found the ribbing to be very slim on my first time. Then I just fell back into the rhythm of the pattern, which is quite easy once you get the hang of it but looks really nice. I knit the wrist warmers again in the round and I also did the cables mirror-inverted like last time (but this time I managed not to mix any of them up ;-)

When I was almost finished with the first one I got really scared about the remains of the yarn. I had used the bigger ball which was very small when I reached the top. So before I did the final ribbing I started the second one and knit that one to the same row. In the end I was able to finish the first one and used the left over from that one to finish the second one. By necessity I used the dark leftover yarn from the round shawl for the thumbs. Now I am acutally glad I did, because I think it looks just right like that.

I am really happy with how they turned out and they were great to wear on my bikeride to school this morning. After lunch today, my lovely friend A. took all these lovely photos in the school garden. Just for fun and without actually looking in the viewfinder I shot this photo of her which I just love because it's so full of laughter...


  1. Die Wolle ist ja super schön! :)

    Meine Kappe ist noch nicht ganz fertig.... aber ich arbeite daran. Es gab eine Pause, da Nadeln und Handgepäck im Flugzeug wohl eine schlechte Kombination sind....

    1. ich find sie auch sehr schön und sie ist richtig warm...

      Ich habe im Flugzeug nach Paris gestrickt, es hat sich niemand beschwert, keine Ahnung wie die Regeln genau sind. Wohin bist du denn geflogen? Wieder nach Berlin?

    2. Wieder nach Berlin. Riskieren wollte ichs nicht, die schmeissen das ja sonst weg....

    3. ja, sicher ist sicher, das stimmt schon!