Monday, 22 September 2014

Hiking down from Scalottas

On Saturday we drove from Tschiertschen to Lenzerheide. There we left the car and took the two chairlifts up to Piz Scalottas on 2323 metres above sea. Because of the dark clouds and the upcoming wind it was much colder up there than we expected and we were glad for all the jumpers and soft shell coats we had brought along.

only staying on the top long enough for a photo

 Once we got walking the cold wasn't so bad. We had to concentrate to find our way down and so we got warm quickly. The clouds looked rather threatening but there was no rain at all and the further down we got, the sunnier it was.

We met a few friendly creatures like a squirrel, a family of marmots, goats and cows but apart from them we were pretty much by ourselves.

In the last third of the descent it got nice and sunny again. We took a little break next to a water reservoir which is used to make artificial snow in the winter. It looks really inviting, but I am not sure if it is even possible to go swimming in there and right now it must be quite cold already.

At the bottom we could all feel our knees, going down for more than 900 meters of altitude sure made an impact. We were looking forward for a hot shower and some time on the balcony ;-)

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