Monday, 10 November 2014

Finished Object: Foliage Hat

Pattern: Foliage Hat by Irina Dmitrieva
Yarn: Lang Yarns, Merino 120 Colour superwash  #011
Colour: #011 (grey - yellow)
Needles: 3.5 mm DPS and 4mm round needle
Start of project: November 4, 2014
End of project: November 9, 2014

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After I wrote my currently knitting entry yesterday I really got into the groove and I spent all Sunday afternoon on the sofa, watching Friday Night Lights and knitting away.

I did one modification of the pattern. After the first 24 rows I started again at row 1 but didn't stop at row 16 then. Instead I finished the second circle and started a third one where I knit another 4 lines. So my hat is actually 12 rows longer than in the pattern. Because of that I had to change the last part of the pattern (row 41 to 55). My leaves where switched so I had to knit the pattern accordingly. Not very difficult, just the first row was a bit tricky to figure out.

By 10 pm I was done decreasing and only had to weave in all the ends. I couldn't resist and had to take a bathroom selfie right away. It's kind of obvious that I was rather tired by them ;-)

Today I went outside and took a few more photos with my new hat. The background of the leaves on the ground was perfect. I am very happy with how it all turned out!

This was my third project with this yarn and while I really really like it there is one thing that is very annoying. The people or the machine who attaches new yarn in the middle of the balls is clearly colourblind or stupid or doesn't really care. Especially the second ball here was unusable. I had to unravel it, cut it and start in the middle and then put the different parts together like a puzzle. Not funny at all!!!


  1. beautiful hat and looks like it would be quite warm for the cold months (yay!). You look beautiful :)

    1. thank you Karen. It is really comfy and nice to wear right now.

  2. gorgeous hat! I love the yarn you chose, too, and way to go on the mods! ;)

    1. Thank you! I am getting better at modifications. It's really great to adapt a pattern so that it turns out just the way I want it.

  3. Die Farben stehen dir so gut und die Fotos mit dem Laub-Hintergrund sind einfach toll.
    Schade, dass so viele Knoten in der Wolle waren - insbesondere bei falsch zusammengeknüpften Farbverläufen ist das wirklich ärgerlich. Lieferanten finden leider eine für Strickerinnen schon fast unerträgliche Anzahl an Knoten noch völlig normal, sag uns doch das nächste Mal trotzdem Bescheid, wenn du einen solchen Knäuel bekommst!
    Ich grüss dich nochmal!

    1. Der letzte Knäuel war der schlimmste, da war wirklich alles durcheinander. Die anderen hatten manchmal einen Knoten und denn musste ich einfach ein Stück rausschneiden, bevor es wieder am richtigen Ort weiterging. Aber die Farbkombination gefällt mir immer noch sehr!

  4. Sieht wirklich prachtvoll aus! Ich mag den leuchtenden Herbstlaub-Streifen im Nebelgraublau der Mütze total gerne. Wirklich schön geworden.
    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz
    PS: Entdeckt habe ich dich übrigens per Strickcafe ;-)

    1. Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar! Die Mütze wird im Moment jeden Tag getragen ;-)