Sunday, 15 March 2015

Currently knitting: Moses Hoodie

Pattern: Moses Hoodie by Amy Christoffers
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Art Yellow Label
Colours: Lemongrass and Cobalt
Needles: 3.5mm and 4mm Round Needles
Start of project: March 11, 2015

On Ravelry

I started knitting a hoodie for my daughter
Antonia. It's going to be the first top that I won't knit for myself, so far I've only been selfish.

While we were in Tschiertschen in February, Antonia asked (nicely ;-) for a cardigan after seeing Evelyne's beautiful Fair Isle Hoodie. She decided she also wanted a hood and pockets and a zip. This made me remember the hoodie I had had on my queue (for myself) for a while and I showed it to her. She loved the concept and we started looking for colours. As the original yarn only had very calm, simple colours, we had a look at Tanis' colours and here Antonia found what she was looking for: Lemongrass for the big part with little accents of Cobalt (all the ribbing at the bottom, the sleeves and the pockets and the i-cord).

A few days ago the yarn arrived and the two colours are just amazing! I started with a swatch gauge and hoped that the smallest size of the hoodie wasn't going to be far too big for Antonia. Fortunately I needed more stitches per inch than the pattern called for and it somehow worked out. I am not totally sure yet if the finished hoodie will match perfectly but I am hopeful (which is what I always am, that's one of the things that I find quite hard when you want a rather fitted result, you never really know until you are done).

Right now I am done with the ribbing, the pocket lining and the pockets itself and am starting to increase again for the waist shaping. With the unfinished pockets and all the yarn ends hanging around it looks quite messy.

There are still many open questions, especially because I'll need to do a lot of new techniques:

  • will it really fit? It looks rather small right now.
  • how will I attach the pocket linings? In the pattern it just says to do it, but how am I supposed to do that exactly?
  • should I try to knit the subtle pattern on the sleaves, the shoulders and on the hoodie with fair isle in Cobalt instead of with purls and knits to make it pop?
  • which kind of i-Cord should I use? I don't really understand the way it is explained in the pattern yet but I found this on Berocco and I have this pattern from Tanis.
  • will I be able to add a zipper nicely in the end?

I hope I'll figure it all out - in the meantime I enjoy seeing this grow.

I'll share this blog entry on Auf den Nadeln im März.


  1. Liebe Corinne,
    ich habe gerade dein Kommentar zu meinen Herzchensocken gelesen. Ich habe die Anleitung dazu aus einem Buch genommen. Wenn du magst kann ich dir das gerne per Mail schicken. Schreib mir doch einfach kurz eine Email (findest du im Impressum), dann bekommst du sie gerne. :)

    Alle Liebe und einen tollen Sonntag


    P.s.: die Farben des Hoodie sind toll :)

    1. das wäre sehr cool, wenn du mir die Anleitung schicken könntest. Ich stricke nicht so oft Socken, aber ich denke zumindest immer mal wieder drüber nach ;-). Schicke dir gleich meine Mailadresse...
      Die Farben finde ich auch sehr schön, sie sehen so richtig knallig aus.

  2. Oh, great work, great colors. I believe in you :)

    1. thank you ;-) I just finished the left front and had to give up on the colour work there. It was just too messy but the subtle pattern came out well, so that's ok as well ;-)

  3. lovely colors and so bright!! I think you'll accomplish all of your to dos. I do hope it fits, fingers crossed!!

    1. I finished the left front and the back, now I can put it together and it will be easier to judge if it will fit.

  4. These colors!! If anyone can conquer all the questions you listed above it would be you. You are a brilliant knitter. :)

    1. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence. I am suprised that I can often pull it off without knowing too much about it. Somehow the logic of knitting is always winning ;-)