Sunday, 26 October 2014

Happy Moments

School started again this week and I really tried to notice the good moments, because I know that's going to help me through the next few weeks till christmas. Sometimes I took photos, sometimes I just payed attention. Here's a selection of what made me happy:

1. A sunrise for the start of the next term: On Monday I walked to our training day. This has been one of my traditions for the last few years. Somehow it's much nicer to start the dark season with a walk first thing in the morning and once more I was lucky because there was a great sunrise (a few minutes ealier than this photo everything was all pink) and sunshine during the day.


2. Decoration for our living room: I saw a leaf chain like this on Julie's blog (KnittedBliss) a few weeks ago. Usually I am not that into indoor decorations, our appartement looks the same all the time. But I really liked that idea, so I went leaf hunting with Antonia and by myself, pressed them and then we put them up above the sofa. It looks so nice and colourful that it makes me smile each time I see it.


3. A new project with yummie yarn: Yesterday I got a new yarn delivery. This is going to be knit into a Ravello which I saw last week on Ravelry and fell in love with. I kind of wished the darker grey were more obviously darker than the lighter one, but it's knit top down, so if it doesn't work out with these colours I can change it to something more noticeable.

4. Charity run: Yesterday both my kids took part in the charity run for their athletics club. They had to run 400m rounds for 30 minutes at the football stadium. They were among the youngest and it was their first time. Both of them did really well. It was good to see them go on and on without giving in to their fatigue. Now I have to pay for 27 rounds...

5. Time with my girl: Today Antonia and I wanted to go for coffee and cake. Not surprisingly, everybody else had had the same idea, so all the cafés were totally packed. In the end we walked for quite a bit and then got our cake to go and ate it on the balcony, where it was really nice and sunny.

6. New FOs: And here are my latest socks for the advents calendar. The yarn for the extra colours I bought was slightly thicker, so there are three different sizes now. My new favourite sock is the one at the bottom row on the left. Who would have thought that this combination works? The green - blue - red one was knit for Pumpkinspins ;-)

Wow, I hadn't realised how many photos I'd taken and how many good moments I'd had in just one week!


  1. Pretty socks and madtosh! So many things to be grateful for, such a great habit to get into

    1. It always helps to look at the good things happening.

  2. how sweet to notice those moments, I love the photo of you and your daughter! I met up with friends on Sunday and everyone, yes everyone was at the same coffee shop. I tried not to grumble too much :(

    1. I love going for coffee and cake but sadly it's often very crowded in the places I like.