Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hiking in Braunwald

Antonia and I went hiking with my parents again. We went to Braunwald / GL. It took much longer than I expected, especially because there was so much traffic through the little villages and Glarus.

When we arrived at the bottom of the cable railway up to Braunwald we had just enough time to park the car and squeeze into one of the compartements, there were so many people in there already. Beautiful weather, summery temperatures and fall holidays attracted many people to go hiking.

Once outside again people spread quite quickly and we were able to enjoy the wonderful scenery. We hiked for a bit more than an hour, then we ate an excellent Rösti at Restaurant Nussbühl. On our way back, the Föhn had really picked up speed, Antonia and I sometimes were almost blinded by our own hair.

We had a great time and I felt sad to go back home again, especially because Zürich was already quite cloudy. We might go back to the mountains again tomorrow, maybe we'll be lucky again with the weather.

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