Thursday, 2 October 2014

Reknitted: Trench Hat

... my poor hat in yarn balls ...
Pattern: Trench Hat by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn: Rico Design Essentials Merino DK (about 1 ball for the fuchsia, less for the other colours)
Needles: 4 / 4.5 mm Double Point
Start of project: April 17, 2014
End of project: October 1, 2014
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This was the first hat I ever knit. I made it from leftover yarn and I loved it from the first moment. I've worn it all over spring and summer, whenever it was slightly chillier. It was loose from the start and most of the time I just ignored that, but secretly I wished I could make it a bit tighter.

Today I wore it again and it really moved around on my head with every move I made. So I decided to frog and reknit it. It took a while to rip it apart and it felt quite terrible to see it unravel. I started again with 8 stitches less. The knitting was kind of akward in the beginning because the yarn was very wavy and it didn't move through my fingers very well. After a while I got used to it and I was hopeful that I might be able to redo my lovely hat.

what it looked like in April
Thanks to the sunshine, A.'s company on the balcony, an Aperol Spritz and a yummie dinner which I didn't have to cook myself, the hat grew back into shape quite fast. So once we were home again, I was ready to commit and finish it tonight (of course I remember that I swore I wouldn't do that anymore only two nights ago, but you know...)

At about 11:15 pm it was done, all the ends woven in. It is definitely tighter and kind of wavy. At the moment it's blocking which will hopefully flatten it out some and then I'll be able to wear it again soon.

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