Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cathedral Grove - Little Qualicum Falls - Lake Cameron

Tuesday, 21th of July - We stayed on in Port Alberni for another night which gave us time to drive back over the mountains to Cathedral Grove in Mc Millan Provincial Park. We left the car next to the road and then we did a lovely hike in the rain forest. The different shades of green were amazing and it was wonderfully cool among these huge trees. We read all the information signs and learnt about Douglas fir trees, nursing logs and how storms can be beneficial in the long run.

We also took a lot of silly photos, after all we had become quite addicted to uploading new pictures on Instagram and needed lots of photographical material (I put all of our photos in one folder and we took almost 3000 photos during our 16 days - it will take some time to find the gems among them)

Next we drove even further back to the Little Qualicum Falls. We hiked from the upper to the lower falls and were so glad about the shade because it had become seriously muggy by then.

When the heat got just too intense, we did the only sensible thing there was: We went swimming in Lake Cameron. The water seemed quite warm at first but as soon as we got in a bit further there was some cooler water underneath. It was very refreshing and we felt much better afterwords.

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