Saturday, 8 August 2015

Looking back: 8th of August

The 8th of August has been the day after ever since 2003, when Yannick and Antonia were born one day earlier. We usually have a family celebration with lots of photos on the 7th, so quite often I was processing these on the 8th instead of taking new ones. But not always...

In 2003, they were a couple of hours old.

 In 2007 it must have been raining but inside it was sunny.

In 2008 you get me all sweaty after a run and a sunflower.


In 2011 I saw this car.

2011 was the only time we were apart for their birthday. While they were sailing in Holland I went to a graveyard and then to the beach in Cornwall.


In 2013 I finished a hat for Antonia and started a cardigan for the summer KAL.


  1. Such beautiful captures of special moments that will be always cherished!

    1. Thank you Alina! I love looking back and I am glad other enjoy a little glimpse in my past.