Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Long Beach - Ucluelet - Broken Islands

Thursday 23rd of July - We left the B&B too early for breakfast, which was the best thing that could have happened. Not because the breakfast was bad the following mornings, it was indeed excellent, but because we got to eat breakfast at the beach and not any beach but the wonderful Long Beach of my dreams. I almost can't look at this photo, it makes me want to go there again sooo badly.

We didn't actually spend a lot of time on the beach that day because we were supposed to be in Ucluelet for a whale and bear watching tour with Alan and Toddy Landry of Archipelago Cruises on the Raincoast Maiden. After we'd heard the safety instructions and been introduced to everyone, we left Ucluelet and went exploring. After only 5 minutes we saw our first black bear, cozily walking along the beach, looking for food. It was actually our only bear but we didn't know that at that moment and it didn't matter because there was so much more to see. Eagles, seals, sealions, seaotters and humpback whales with a calf. I would have needed a better camera (with a longer zoom lense) to really capture them, but right there it was were impressive.

I was also very fascinated by the beautiful scenery of the Pacific and its islands, especially the Broken Islands where we had a very fancy and tasty lunch on board. After more than 5 hours on board we went back onshore, what an amazing day!

We went for a coffee and hot chocolates in Ucluelet because it had been quite cool during the way back and we had a little walk around town before we headed back to Tofino.

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